All-natural building materials: That means that you can rest assured that your environment is free of unpleasant electromagnetic influences. Instead, vital energies can flow unimpeded – upwards, downwards, and in every direction. As a "bio-hotel," we have a commitment to 100% natural, wholesome foods. Every dish, every food, every delicacy comes from naturally cultivated agricultural land. Thus, you can enjoy your stay without the slightest environmental misgivings. That's because we have implemented clever, environmentally sound solutions to every problem: air emissions, wastewater, solid waste, utility water, rainwater. We'll be happy to show you how everything works. And because we also grow our own vegetables, there is no time-consuming or energy-wasting transportation – and freshness is guaranteed. To put it another way: You can watch us and our suppliers while we pick and harvest the produce we serve. For fresh and organic foods right from our neighborhood!


We are winners of the ECO-Seal and are also certified according to ISO 1401. It always fills us with pride and satisfaction when our guests come to enjoy their stay with us and notice the difference! For example: Health-giving radiant heat from our 100% wood chip heating system.