Organic philosophy, sustainability, vital practice are one with us and keep their promise to each other. 
Our hotel is a place of strength - you can feel this in every angle - inside and outside.
In 1994 we realised our dream and opened our own hotel. Even then, sustainability and the conscious use of resources played a central role for us, and so we built our hotel according to ecological principles. Already at that time, some sustainable aspects were the rainwater collection for the toilet flushing in the whole house, as well as for the irrigation of our garden and the surrounding fields. Also the roof insulation made of cellulose and our own wood chip heating system were very important to us.
For our swimming pool water we never used conventional chlorine, but just common salt with the help of a chlorozone device - you can definitely smell and feel that. We also choose ecological interior colors, and our rooms in the main house are still furnished exclusively with oiled solid wood furniture from Team7.
Particularly important for a sustainable kitchen: the installation of a fat cutter from the waste water in order to dispose of fats, oils and food leftovers separately. In daily hotel use, of course, we are using eco-friendly cleaning products that are not damaging to our health or our groundwater. As a little highlight, we are producing come homemade bio soap that our guests find in the rooms.
Thanks to this lived sustainability in all areas of the hotel, we won the South Tyrolean environmental award as establishment of the year in 1995.
As a proud member of the biohotels, we only serve drinks and food from 100% organic cultivation, of which at least 80% comes from regional agriculture. We harvest fruit and vegetables from the hotel's own organic-certified garden, and the surrounding fields have been free of synthetic fertilizers since 1994 - more bio than this is impossible ;-)
For the massage and cosmetic treatments in our SPA we use only sustainable and regional organic products from the South Tyrolean natural cosmetics companies Bergila, Vitalis & Phyto Art.
The CO2 emissions of our entire hotel are an important guideline to measure our actions for a better, more sustainable future. We therefore regularly survey our ecological footprint: the CO2 emissions of our hotel are around 5.3kg per night. In comparison, this value for conventional hotels is between 50 and 70kg per night. As a small recognition, we received the CO2 footprint for greenhouse gas emissions in 2018, 2021 and 2022 according to the specifications of the "Greenhouse Gas Protocol".
As we are always working on our sustainability, we plan to build a photovoltaic system of 92kw in autumn 2022 and upgrade our woodchip heating to 320kw to be independent with heating and electricity.
We are convinced that with our integral hotel concept & philosophy we are making a significant contribution to the environment for our descendants. And that is exactly what you are doing with your stay in our biohotel.