Suite with window

Persons: 2-4 | 42 m²

Our suite "tower" balcony for 2-3 people (30m²) with two separated rooms with 2 double beds or one double bed room and the living room - with solid wooden furniture of Team 7, wooden floors, covers and pillow of sheep wool, health latex mattresses, bathroom with shower, toilet, hair dryer, table and chairs in the tower, safe, bathrobe, rucksack for hiking tours, homemade vital soap, wellness bag with sauna towel and telephone.


Daily price
from 4 days
from 5 days
8/27/2022 - 10/8/2022
€ 155
€ 149
€ 144
10/8/2022 - 11/5/2022
€ 142
€ 137
€ 132
Natural building materials you can see and feel. The sheep's wool you'll find in our beds, pure cotton in the sheets, flax linen in the curtains, and warm, cozy wood wherever you look.
Sustainable forestry, an eternally valid blend of design and nature: Completely wooden furniture. We have implemented the design philosophy of "Team 7." That means that you can still feel the tree trunk from which the furniture was carved – without any mechanical or chemical alteration of the natural wood structure. And you can feel it even when you walk: The wooden floors "breathe."
All rooms are free of electro-smog – of course!
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